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No, you can't have that...

Hey everyone.  I was surfing my interests and I came across this forum.  I've been working at pet stores off and on for about ten years or so, mostly in the fish departments.  For the last year or so I've been working at a pond supply store.  I was more or less laid off when the pond season ended but I am now working in the fish department of the pet store owned by the parents of the woman who owns the pond store.  Ok, enough about my background...

Lately I've had a few "No, you can't have that fish" stories and was wondering what good, "No, you can't have that" stories some of you have.

Most recently, today a guy asked me what he can have with clown fish.  I'll admit that I am not a saltwater expert; I know more about freshwater, specifically plants and african cichlids...
But anyway, I start telling him what fish he can have with clown fish.  He then says, "Ok, I want this fish and this fish and this fish... etc.  Ok, red flags are up.  "Umm, how big is this aquarium?"  "Umm, I think it's about 5 gallons."  "uhhh...." "Why?"  "Umm, that's small for one fish."  "So, can I put a yellow tang in there?"  "No."  "How many damsels can I put in there?"  Nevermind that I told him not to get damsels...  At this point I felt like saying, "You can put in as many as you want" and point to the "No Guarantee on Saltwater Fish" sign.  But why do that to the fish.  For those who are worried, he does not have a clown fish in a five gallon, was just thinking about it. 
Also today, I vetoed about 10 different fish that this guy wanted to put in with his lAngelfish.  "So, you're just a jerk that won't let me buy any fish, aren't you?"  "I'll let you buy the fish, but you have to let me write on the receipt,'No guarantee on fish and not responsible for any fish that kills off every fish in his tank.'" Ok, I didn't say it exactly that way, but I wanted to.  Somedays I just wanna say, "Fine, go ahead and put 3 tiger barbs with your angelfish in a 10 gallon.  You're gonna do it despite what I say."
So, in short, people are stupid.
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