Botia Macracantha (botia) wrote in pet_store,
Botia Macracantha

Feeder psychos

We get our feeder fish on Wednesdays. Our regulars ALL know this, and still they come in on Mondays (when we are always out of them) and curse at me because we've run out. One guy shouted at me, "MY FISH HAVEN'T EATEN IN THREE WEEKS!!!" Well, who the hell's fault is that?

And it's never the people who have gars or other fish that are VERY hard to get eating nonlive. It's the oscar/piranha owners who are only pissed because they thrive on seeing live animals torn apart. I told the piranha asshole that he could try frozen silversides, and he snarled at me. Yes, SNARLED. I was thinking, whoa there buddy, how about a nice houseplant? And some anger management classes? And a call to the DEC since I know your ass doesn't have a permit for those.
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