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Petsmart I do NOT recommend [08 Oct 2007|12:48am]

[ mood | angry ]

I was at Petsmart yesterday to get some guinea pig bedding. I go and look at the guinea pigs just to see their cute faces. What I saw was downright disgusting. First, I notice the flies around the tank. Then, I look down at the floor of the tank. The bedding looked caked right into the tank floor. I am going to go e-mail the Humane Society right now. I think if I complain they'll change it. I'm also putting bad reviews about the particular store. It's the store in Dickson City, PA.

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[21 Aug 2007|10:20pm]

Things that you can say that are only not dirty if you work in a pet store or a sushi bar:

He wouldn't go on a date with me, I dropped his eel!
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The joys of... [11 Jun 2007|10:05am]
First off, I appreciate the opportunity to vent here. I'm glad I found this site before I lost my marbles. Talking to friends about these things only helps so much when they don't truly understand your job and what its like, or don't know enough about the hobby or the trade to get it.

a few of my favorite snippets (sadly, my replies are only voiced in my head):

"why can't I keep X and Y together?"
I just told you why. I could try telling you again, but no matter how I word it, and no matter how polite I am, you'll either leave with the fish anyway or leave calling me names.

"got any shrimp brine?*
yes, we have lots of salt, but I'm pretty sure you're looking for brine shrimp. Try reading the package, moron. (this one seems innocent enough until you hear it at least 6 or 7 times in a single afternoon. Am I the only person who actually sees what they read?)

"nah, we want the brown allergy eater. The other guys are boring/cost too much"
I see you're related to the shrimp brine people. Great. The boring/expensive ones won't outgrow your tank.
This is followed up with one of the following:
"We're getting a bigger tank later on"
Liar. I have a pretty good idea that you aren't a bigger anything. You don't specify a size or when no matter how many questions I ask.
"I can always bring him back, and get a little one, right?"
You assume I can house your 8-20 inch loracid no matter what, that I will have the room in our bigger setups, and that I don't have too many of them already. I wish you would go away and the powers that be would let me stop ordering these fish to begin with.

I only get this one every now and again. The wording changes a bit or involves different fish/setups, but it's always the same:
"Can you keep goldfish in bowls - with no filter? Wait, don't answer that. I did it for 7 years."
Glad you tortured that fish for so long and it somehow lived. This does not make you a better fish keeper than me. It makes you ignorant, stubborn, cruel, and lucky. Nice of you to come here and throw that at me. Maybe next time I'll take the bait and start an argument so you can complain to someone of higher authority and try get some free goldfish to cram into a single, unfiltered bowl, but don't count on it. I'm not biting, and it wouldn't get you anthing if I did.

Some fun exchanges
"What are theses marks for on the glass?"
Me: "These fish are under quarantine. They are not for sale at this time."
"so they're all sick?"
Me: "Some of them are..." (I hate shipping fish in the winter, everything comes in with ich)
"who manages this department?"
Me:"I do."
"so its your fault then" (they walk away)
Another fish expert I see. Yes, I must have gotten all the fish sick with my lack of experience. Fish never come in that way. The fact that I quarantine fish must also be a sign of how badly I run things.

"Got any crickets?"
Me: "Sorry, we're sold out. The next shipment arrives Wednesday."
"you can't find me a few?"
Me: "I'm sorry, there are none for sale"
"Well, I was just peeking in you containers, you've got all kinds"
Me: "Those are for the reptile department. They have to make a few dozen last until the next shipment arrives"
"You can't get me 30 or 40 of them?"
Me: "I wish I could, but what will our reptiles eat?"
"what will mine eat?"
me: "did you try store X? they may have some."
"That's too far"
Me: "I wish I could help you, but I can't sell what we have left. The reptiles need them"
"this is bull$#!@" (storms off)
Thanks for snooping and trying to swindle me out of food for our animals. I didn't realize how important it was that you folks get all the crickets and our reptiles become malnourished/starved. I suppose then you can enjoy telling everyone how badly we keep them.
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[10 Jun 2007|05:33pm]


What kind of Frog is this?!?!
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Boycott PetWorks PetStore in San Diego, CA [05 Jun 2007|07:09pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

     PetWorks PetStore located in Grossmont Center/La Mesa in San Diego, CA sells sick, unhealthy puppies to unsuspecting customers and doesn't stand behind their warranty if you should have problems. This is not a chain store, but an individually owned and operated pet store whose owner is Richard Fuller, of Richard Fuller Inc. d.b.a. PetWorks. If I can prevent one person or family from going through what I went through, then this blog will have been worth it! 
     We all hear the horror stories about pet stores, puppy mills and how it's best to go through a reputable breeder or adopt from  the humane society right? But we all see those cute, adorable puppies in the window and think..."it could never happen to me?" But if you look up Petworks on Yahoo Reviews, Google Blogs or My Space or even the Better Business Bureau of San Diego, like I should have done first, then you will see the numerous stories of families devastated by PetWorks' ruthless and unscrupulous practice of selling sick, defective and unhealthy puppies to people. It's been going on for years and has been getting more frequent. 
     So here's my story to add to the list of people victimized by this heartless pet store PetWorks in the Grossmont Shopping Center of La Mesa/San Diego:

I went in on 01/02/07 and fell in love with a 3 month old Golden Retriever and was wanting a puppy in my life to train as a service dog. I am a disabled, U.S. Navy veteran and wanted a canine companion. I had been to the store before and seen the smiling faces and joy of all the people looking at puppies. People buying them impulsively like we tend to do. I ,also, had a store credit from earlier in the year when I almost bought a Westie from them and changed my mind because when I got home I realized I truly couldn't afford the price for the Westie. So they seemed to understand and gave me a year to use this credit at their store, but no refund. I was impressed and thought it was very nice of them to do that for me. 
     Well, I should have used my store credit to buy pet supplies and donate them to the animal shelter as good karma, but No! I saw this 3 month old golden retriever puppy, had saved my money this time, and yep, I went for it. The puppy was so sweet and smart. I came back 3 days after I had paid for the pup in full earlier on Tuesday ,01/02/07, to bring the puppy home on that Friday, 01/05/07, over weekend so we could have time to bond. When I got to the store, a store employee told me "I have some bad news...the puppy has contracted kennel cough (a highly contagious illness btw) and can't go home yet." That was Friday, 01/05/07, and I was finally able to bring the golden retriever puppy home on 01/30/07 after the puppy had finished all the antibiotics. I had the puppy home for less than 24 hours when I noticed the puppy had severe dry skin, couldn't stop chewing and scratching, and was very uncomfortable. The veterinarian diagnosed the puppy's skin problem as Primary Seborrhea which is a hereditary defect. 
    They only gave me a 50% refund minus $80 for some trumped up kenneling fees took the puppy back and resold it. I tried to get all my money back in small claims court. But I lost! I had signed two addendum forms after the original contract so the judge had to decide in their favor. He did say that he was definitely convinced they intended to sell me a sick dog, that the kennel fees was in his opinion "chinsy" and that if it were his business he would have given me all my money back with an apology.
     Not only did they refuse to honor their 1 year warranty, but the two addendum forms they had me sign voided their warranty....pretty sneaky huh? So I am out $540, still have no service dog and they took the dog back and resold it! I hope to prevent anyone else from going thru what I did. This place needs to be shutdown and put out of business! 


     Oh and the BBB which they belong too wasn't much help either in resolving this either. Petworks uses BBB logo as just a ploy. PetWorks belongs to the BBB and is using them, in my opinion, to appear to be a reputable business. If you do your research like I did not do first, then you will see that this is a very sad, but true story similiar to other people who have bought pets from PetWorks.

Hermit Crab Care [02 Apr 2007|09:08pm]

[ mood | happy ]

There are so many pet stores that don't know how to take care of their hermit crabs, give wrong information, etc. You can change your pet store by researching about hermit crabs, and changing your hermit crab tank around. Visit www.geocities.com/landhermitcrab2006 to see some great sites for hermit crab information.

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Last day at the pet store... for now [18 Mar 2007|09:16pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Ok, sad day for 2 reasons.  One, it is my last day working at the pet store on a regular basis.  Two, we had a tank full of beautiful plecos die.  And I don't mean those stupid brow common plecos that get 18 inches long.  I mean some beautiful Pseudo Zebtas and Green Phantoms.  I don't know what happened!  We had some angel fish in there that had ich.  Which is weird, we have never gotten angels with ich before.  I don't know what the manager used to treat the tank but they started dying last night and by 6pm tonight they were all gone.  Oh, except for one pleco.  A f'ing brown pleco!  Aside from that, I'm going to miss my friends.  I may come back for the big sale in April and in the winter when the pond store reduces its hours again.  Anyway... how the f did I turn into someone that gets so upset when fish die?

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Thought of another sign I'll post in my fish store... [18 Mar 2007|02:30am]

[ mood | self righteous indignation ]

"The fish guy reserves the right to refuse to bag fish for insufferable 15 year old bitches who tell their moms to shut up and call them stupid in public places."

See, when parents were allowed to beat their kids, this didn't happen.

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"It will be ok." [16 Mar 2007|10:27pm]

I hate being the a-hole.  I really do.  But I feel that having kept fish for over 20 years and working in pet stores for over ten qualifies me as someone who knows what he is talking about.  Maybe I was just a jerk or in a bad mood...
A comes in and says that she needs fish to fill her empty tank.  How big is your tank?  40 gal.  What do you have in it?  A big angelfish and a pleco.  She said it was 4 inches which means it was 8.  She tells me that she's had just two fish in the tank for 6 years and now wants to put more angel fish in.  I say ok, lets get some fish.  So we're bagging up the $2.99 angels.  It was supposed to be 3.  But it turned into 7.  I told her she couldn't have that many yet.  The biological filtration in her tank wouldn't support it.  "Oh, no I have a big filter."  Yes, but right now there's just enough of the good bacteria to deal with your two fish.  It takes time to build up the tanks tollerance.  "I just told you, I have a big filter." This has nothing to do with the size of your filter.  "It will be ok."  not "I think it will be ok, an emphatic, "IT WILL BE OK".  So, I told her that we reserve the right to not guarantee fish and I'm exercising that right now.  She said fine.  Maybe I was too harsh, but I get really annoyed when they don't listen.
Imagine these people with other professionals.

Filling station:
"I want the gas that's 20 cents less."
"Umm, that's diesel.  It will ruin your engine."
"It will be ok."

"You can't give that to your dog.  Chocolate will kill him"
"It will be ok."

"Six months is too young to give your daughter a navel piercing."
"It will be ok."

As Randall from Clerks says, "This job would be great if not for the f-ing customers"

But, at the same time, I'm sad that after this weeked I will be going back to the pond store.  But I guess I will be dealing with a different breed of idiot there...  True story--
"Ok, I dug the whole and put all of my rocks and bolders down.  How do I get the liner down?"  "Umm, you have to put the liner under the rocks and boulders"  "Nah, I'm not going to do that, they're too heavy."  This is the same guy who wouldn't buy any materials from us because he could find it cheaper on the internet.

Anyway... whine whine whine...
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No, you can't have that... [11 Mar 2007|09:06pm]

Hey everyone.  I was surfing my interests and I came across this forum.  I've been working at pet stores off and on for about ten years or so, mostly in the fish departments.  For the last year or so I've been working at a pond supply store.  I was more or less laid off when the pond season ended but I am now working in the fish department of the pet store owned by the parents of the woman who owns the pond store.  Ok, enough about my background...

Lately I've had a few "No, you can't have that fish" stories and was wondering what good, "No, you can't have that" stories some of you have.

Most recently, today a guy asked me what he can have with clown fish.  I'll admit that I am not a saltwater expert; I know more about freshwater, specifically plants and african cichlids...
But anyway, I start telling him what fish he can have with clown fish.  He then says, "Ok, I want this fish and this fish and this fish... etc.  Ok, red flags are up.  "Umm, how big is this aquarium?"  "Umm, I think it's about 5 gallons."  "uhhh...." "Why?"  "Umm, that's small for one fish."  "So, can I put a yellow tang in there?"  "No."  "How many damsels can I put in there?"  Nevermind that I told him not to get damsels...  At this point I felt like saying, "You can put in as many as you want" and point to the "No Guarantee on Saltwater Fish" sign.  But why do that to the fish.  For those who are worried, he does not have a clown fish in a five gallon, was just thinking about it. 
Also today, I vetoed about 10 different fish that this guy wanted to put in with his lAngelfish.  "So, you're just a jerk that won't let me buy any fish, aren't you?"  "I'll let you buy the fish, but you have to let me write on the receipt,'No guarantee on fish and not responsible for any fish that kills off every fish in his tank.'" Ok, I didn't say it exactly that way, but I wanted to.  Somedays I just wanna say, "Fine, go ahead and put 3 tiger barbs with your angelfish in a 10 gallon.  You're gonna do it despite what I say."
So, in short, people are stupid.
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[27 Jan 2007|12:10am]

Oh, the things I hear at work. Stupid stupid people. These are actual things I've heard, MOST of them more than once. Many of them on a weekly basis.

"Sir, your pH is too low."
"But my water's crystal clear!"
Read more...Collapse )
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[22 Jan 2007|03:45pm]

Question for those of you who do not own their house/living situation.

Do you live in an apartment or rental house that "allows" your herps?

I have so far been through 8 different apartments, looking for a place to live. EIGHT. The second the word "reptile" was mentioned, every single one of them closed their doors. And yes these were all apartments that have "ALL PETS WELCOME" in bold letters in their adds. They will allow 40lb dogs and cats, but will they allow a silent, non smelling, non destructive SNAKE into their complex? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people?

Anyway, those of you that do live in apartments or rental places, did you tell them you own herps? Did they allow them? What did you tell them to get them to allow you to keep them? Have any of you ever been kicked out of a rental place because they found out you had herps?

I'm surprised no rental company/people have been taken to court over this, because its fucking ridiculous.
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[29 Dec 2006|02:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So.. working in a petstore during the holidays really sucks.

One of the saddest things is all the returned animals that are purchased for kids or other adults without previous consent.

It is pretty cute though watching all the crazy rich ladies spend hundreds of dollars on their little dogs' wardrobe. The other day some lady bought 200 dollars worth of sweaters. I shit you not. Filled an entire cardboard box with them. *shakes head*

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[01 Oct 2006|04:50pm]

I've been at college for about a month now, and I think i'm going through pet store withdrawl. Even though my job essentially consumed my life, I miss all the animals! So sad, so odd.
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Walmart [14 Sep 2006|02:03pm]

A Walmart in N.E. Calgary finally removed their live fish section, but they still continue to abuse Bettas. As far as I am concerned, if a company is unwilling to hire professionals to care for any and all animals being sold, then they have absolutely no right selling the animals and laws need to be passed to prevent such practices from happening.
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what do you have at home [31 Aug 2006|01:40pm]

well, we all work in pet stores, my question to you is what do you have at home, animal wise that is?

I have a albino burmese python, a columbian redtail, bearded dragon, a 125 gallon saltwater tank, an argentine tegu (still green headed), and two cats. Occasionly some pet rats, but they are usually named lunch and dinner, so they dont stick around long.
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you might be a herper if.... [24 Aug 2006|10:09am]

No sure how many of you are reptile fiends, but i thought would share! Found it on NERD...

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Feeder psychos [15 Aug 2006|10:14am]

We get our feeder fish on Wednesdays. Our regulars ALL know this, and still they come in on Mondays (when we are always out of them) and curse at me because we've run out. One guy shouted at me, "MY FISH HAVEN'T EATEN IN THREE WEEKS!!!" Well, who the hell's fault is that?

And it's never the people who have gars or other fish that are VERY hard to get eating nonlive. It's the oscar/piranha owners who are only pissed because they thrive on seeing live animals torn apart. I told the piranha asshole that he could try frozen silversides, and he snarled at me. Yes, SNARLED. I was thinking, whoa there buddy, how about a nice houseplant? And some anger management classes? And a call to the DEC since I know your ass doesn't have a permit for those.
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New [28 Apr 2006|12:56am]


My name is Ann, I co-own a pet store in Nicholasville, Ky, thats just outside of Lexington, KY. We just opened up three weeks ago. We got into this because we got tired of driving to lexington for all of our pet needs. Were reptile people, and well Walmart or Meijers just cant cut it wiht out pet needs, and we got tired of paying pet store prices for everything, and we we opened one!

Before we were pet store owners we were and still are pet lovers. Its our policy to reserve the right to refuse sales, and wll we do from time to time. We are retile people, huge on snakes, and lizards, and at the moment, I have a savanah moniter that thinks its a cat. I dread the day if I actually do have to sell him.

Our store has the biggest reptile selection in eastern ky, we have stuff that other store just dont carry. Nothing poisionious, nothing dangerous, just different is all. We pride ourselves on the fact that you walk into our store, and not be repulsed by the smells of animals, that our animals look and are healthy, and we will educate you to the best of our ability on your animal. We will tell you facts that others dont know, or wont tell you. Also we tell our customers who ask, "whats the best animal for a child?" we tell them stuffed ones!

I found this community, and well wanted to join some people who thought in similar ways. People who love animals, and like people less. Maybe find some more people who also have snakes so I dont feel like a wierdo.

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